Examples of animations

Booth entirely made of pressure-bent galvanized steel panels which allow suction and abatement of pigments and fumes from spray painting with synthetic, organic and water-based solvents.

Suction bench for the suction and abatement of dust produced by sanding.
Dust filtration takes place via cartridges, and is also equipped with a timed cleaning system with compressed air jets.
The powders are deposited in 2 removable drawers, while the outgoing air is further filtered through cells in acrylic fiber. Optional: On / Off system with operator presence detector. Suction side panels.

Vibrantec filter with bag emptying for the suction of machining chips.
The filtering part is composed of polyester sleeves with a vibration cleaning system, the collection of shavings with plastic bags.

Operating in negative pressure, they allow an extremely low noise level.
The filtering part is composed of bags with a cleaning system by means of compressed air jets.
High efficiency backward curved centrifugal fan.

Industrial suction systemPhyto Depuration system
Wind power plantClock